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CurrencyKart - Leading Online Foreign Currency Exchange Marketplace

CurrencyKart is a leading online platform for foreign money exchange service in Delhi, India. We function like an online marketplace and helps in eliminating the divide between the money changers and voyagers. We are the meeting place for the RBI approved dealers and the travelers for services related to transactions of foreign exchange and other related services. We aim to keep our priorities intact, our first priority is the customer, and we make sure that the customer gets a hassle free service from us at the best possible Forex exchange rates. At CurrencyKart, we believe in providing our clients with fast and efficient service while they sit in the comfort of their home. This platform will provide you with updated information on various useful topics along with USD live rates. We work as an aggregator for the registered RBI approved dealers by fetching them business through our platform. We specialize in providing with fast paced Forex exchange services including Prepaid Forex cards, traveler’s cheques, foreign currencies and demand drafts. Our track record has been impeccable by providing quality services to our end customers and also to RBI approved dealers. We are 100 per cent transparent with our customers and do not burden them with any other hidden charges.


The Forex rates provided by our dealers are always updated live on our website to ensure our customer is informed at all times. Our aim is to strive to become better by each passing day and to achieve excellence and utmost satisfaction of our customer base by offering them the most competitive pricing and providing them maximum benefit on every international transaction.


We believe in winning our customers with complete trust, authenticated processes and validated information. Transparency is our ultimate goal.


How CurrencyKart Works?


Currency exchange online can happen in 4 easy steps:


  • Select your desired country and its currency along with the amount of money needs to be transferred. Select currency and denomination you need to carry along or transfer online from India.
  • Provide traveller or recipient details along with delivery option. You can simply choose from doorstep delivery or directly branch pick-up options.
  • Complete the payment for money exchange online. You can make the payment either via debit/ credit card or net banking as per your convenience.
  • Receive the order confirmation for foreign exchange online. Receipt of forex order online confirms that the process has been completed at the blocked rate.


Documents Required For Currency Exchange in India


  • Valid photo ID (driving license or voter's card)
  • A passport in case of NRIs or foreign visitors
  • Currency declaration form if the amount exceeds the usual given limit


Online Foreign Currency Exchange Services in India


If you are in India and looking for foreign exchange online or for currency exchange or for forex rate card, then you are definitely at the right place. CurrencyKart is India's premier and largest online marketplace for foreign exchange, currency exchange services, international remittances and forex cards online.


We on a day to day basis, strive to provide you with the best of currency exchange and transfer services, offers and rates online. We at CurrencyKart gives our customers a transparent process to convert currency online at best rates from anywhere in the world. Since our inception, making money exchanging and transferring a hassle-free process by discarding all the possible glitches and insignificant requirements and steps is our prime vision and mission. Our forex exchange and conversion process gives you a chance to exchange currency in India with the best rates on a real-time basis after making full and authentic comparisons across 100s of banks and money exchangers in India.


How to Exchange Foreign Currencies to Indian Currency


There are four main ways to exchange or convert foreign currency into Indian currency:


  • Through money exchangers/ official Airport kiosks
  • Through a bank
  • Through RBI authorized money changers in India
  • Through an online foreign exchange platform


CurrencyKart is an online foreign exchange platform with more than thousands of business partners including leading banks and money institutions. We also have a wide presence of money exchangers/ converter agencies in more than hundreds of cities in India in order to make the entire process of foreign exchange and currency conversion in the country a process as easy as a cakewalk.


With long years of research, marketing planning and strategizing, CurrencyKart has made the process of foreign exchange online in India seamless with some simple yet extremely effective steps. We also provide home delivery assistance to save your energy and precious time. All our services and offers straight from forex conversion rate quotes to mailing you the travel card, are being offered without any single extra penny or hidden clauses.


Get the Best Rates on Currency Exchange from CurrencyKart


Looking for Foreign Currency Exchange in India? Get it at Best Currency Exchange Rates with CurrencyKart. We operate and offer all the currency exchange services based upon the locked or freezed live exchange rates on a daily basis. If you like an exchange rate and want to place an order for currency exchange online later, you can freeze or lock-in the rates up to 3 days against a refundable deposit of 2% of the total transaction that will take place once everything is done. Most of the online marketplaces for foreign exchange in India provide only the base rate/ interbank rate and pass it off as live currency exchange rate, which is not really the rate at which currency is exchanged. The actual exchange rate is far higher than the so-called live exchange rate because money exchangers, banks and forex dealers in India have to maintain high margins to keep away any kind of losses in case there is a fluctuation of rates in the global currency market. So, the norm of "today's live exchange rate" is mostly a cover-up for Indian money exchangers and forex dealers to make extra money from the consumers.


In order to avoid such discrepancies, you need to have complete faith in your currency exchanger agency but it is also important to do a complete research before selecting one. Refer our Forex Rate Card with buying & selling rates to save more money.


CurrencyKart Products and Services


  • Forex Cards
  • Cash Currency Notes
  • International Wire Transfer
  • International Demand Drafts
  • Traveller's Cheques
  • Travel Insurance


Why Choose CurrencyKart for Money Exchange Services


We like to talk for ourselves through our services and offers.


  • Better currency conversion rates than any possible conventional places like airports, banks and other money exchangers in India.
  • Best live and competitive market rates curated just for you. So that you need not to get involved in useless rate haggling.
  • No surprises, no hidden charges and clauses. You can book your Forex at the exact live rates shown on our website and you can freeze the rate then and there.
  • You now don't have to worry about counterfeit notes and unreliable money changers in India. You can exchange your currency with us directly and with proper transparency.
  • We provide doorstep delivery service within the same day or next day of the booking online for currency exchange.
  • You can save big on other travel-related products such as travel insurance and forex cards.
  • You can easily refer and earn every time and save on every subsequent order(s) you place or the ones placed by your referred friend or family members.
  • We take pride in providing you with the best of customer services complying with the high-industry standards. Our customer's testimonials are the proof of our undivided attention and commitment.


Above all, at CurrencyKart we provide the best of currency exchange offers and services with an innovative mix of technology and groundwork. Our 100 percent dedication towards our customers and their needs is what makes us different and preferable money exchanger in India.

What our customers say about us:

    Good service!. Very responsive on chat as well as call. Plus don't need to pay all the money upfront...
    Good service!. Very responsive on chat as well as call. Plus don't need to pay all the money upfront. Just 1% at time of booking. Currency rate can be blocked and receive cash later. Purchased 1000 Euros, all went smoothly. Highly recommend. Delivery person comes to your door for delivery of cash. All in all pretty good experience. Queries were cleared on time.
    Divesh Kumar
    Great experience with Currency kart. Got the bet rate and fast delivery at doorstep. Would highly re...
    Great experience with Currency kart. Got the bet rate and fast delivery at doorstep. Would highly recommend as there is no risk as you pay only 1% and rest cash on delivery. Was amazed the way they handled the whole transaction.
    Hitesh Koul
    Extremely dissatisfied with this currency exchange company. I'm from Bangalore. I contacted them to ...
    Extremely dissatisfied with this currency exchange company. I'm from Bangalore. I contacted them to exchange currency for my travel. They told they'll get it done and deliver it as well. I asked for an official mail for the same regarding the exchange rate and taxes, which the executive sent. On the same day, the delivery guy came to deliver the currency and take the INR from me. Turns out, what I received in the mail was nothing what was written in the proper bill. They had increased the amount, and on talking to the executive, they told it was an honest mistake and he'll share another mail. Not just this, CurrencyKart was basically a middleman and the company providing the currency to me was some other company altogether. CurrencyKart was charging commission on the same. I refused to do the transaction and told the CurrencyKart executive that I cannot go ahead. He kept on texting me the entire day telling how I will be punished for doing this, and later on acting like a creepy dude constantly texting even when I wasn't responding. He then himself blocked me and unblocked and started apologising for doing so, even when I wasn't responding and had told him sorry and thank you for the help he had provided right when I'd told him I won't be going ahead. I'm not going to take the executive's name, but I hope the same thing is not repeated with another person in future. Atleast as far as I'm concerned, I'm never ever going to place a request on their website.
    Tanisha Agarwal
    Fast, efficient, easy to use and best exchange rate. Great experience with CurrencyKart. I would rec...
    Fast, efficient, easy to use and best exchange rate. Great experience with CurrencyKart. I would recommend CurrencyKart as my experience with them was brilliant... My transactions went perfect... My phone calls were answered promptly and they kept in touch throughout any necessary work I needed done efficiently. Thank you for all your good services.
    Ajay Kumar Sharma
    I can not put it into words. I had really small window to avail Korean Currency. Not only they provi...
    I can not put it into words. I had really small window to avail Korean Currency. Not only they provided immediate delivery but also the support provided by them is unmatchable. I was assisted by Poornima. Thanks.
    Pranjali Joshi

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