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Charges for cash withdraw from ATM

Order Currency Symbol Cash Withdrawal Fee Cash Withdrawal Daily Limit Balance Enquiry Fee
1 Us Dollar USD USD 2.00 USD 5,000 USD 0.50
2 Pound Sterling GBP GBP 1.50 GBP 5,000 GBP 0.50
3 Euro EUR EUR 1.50 EUR 5,000 EUR 0.50
4 Canadian Dollar CAD CAD 2.00 CAD 5,000 CAD 0.50
5 Australian Dollar AUD AUD 2.00 AUD 5,000 AUD 0.50
6 Singapore Dollar SGD SGD 3.00 SGD 5,000 SGD 1.00
7 Arab Emirates Dirham AED AED 7.00 AED 20,000 AED 2.00
8 Japanese Yen JPY JPY 250.00 JPY 2,00,000 JPY 60.00
9 Swedish Krona SEK SEK 15.00 SEK 40,000 SEK 4.00
10 South African Rand ZAR ZAR 25.00 ZAR 51,000 ZAR 5.00
11 Saudi Arabian Riyal SAR SAR 7.50 SAR 20,000 SAR 2.00
12 Thai Baht THB THB 65.00 THB 165,000 THB 16.00
13 New Zeland Dollar NZD NZD 2.50 NZD 6,500 NZD 0.60
14 Hong Kong dollar HKD HKD 15.00 HKD 40,000 HKD 4.00
15 Swiss Franc CHF CHF 2.50 CHF 5,000 CHF 0.50
1. Transaction Fee : POS and Online -Nil
2. Lost Card Replacement Fee : International Location - USD 20.00, India-USD 3.00
4. Cross Currency Mark Up Fee is 3.5%+ Servic tax

Who are We?

To avoid being shocked by the hefty fees that your bank charges on making an ATM withdrawal on an international location, we advise you to use Currenykart’s prepaid Forex Travel Card. Also you must be aware of the charges your bank may levy on international ATM withdrawal. There are a lot of types of charges that are levied by the banks for using ATM services in abroad. First of all, it is the foreign currency conversion fee. As soon as you enter foreign lands, whatever amount you spend by swiping your money off through those cards, you end up paying 1-2 percent of currency conversion fees. Even if you somehow say that you feel it’s not right for them to charge you for conversion of your own money, please know that you are charged on every foreign transaction made by your domestic debit or credit card. If you are using cash advances to pay your people then there is something called cash advance fee. Check with your bank to know the different fees that they levy on the usage of your own money internationally.