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Who are We?

We provide you with up to date currency convertor options with the latest exchange rates of multiple currencies. If you wish to do a quick calculation of your home currency against another currency, all you need to do is log on to our website and input the right values and our currency convertor feature will give you an accurate idea of the money. All the user needs to do is enter the amount value and choose the currency in which the user wants to see the value of the money and click go and you will receive an accurate result.

Money converter looks out for real time information on current market or exchange rates, so that the result changes according to the latest information. This in-built feature does not display information that is biased to selling or buying. It can be used as a means to calculate relative value of currency before exchanging. The software calculates currency rates up to four decimals after the comma. It helps in estimating the value of goods and services, finance related activities, property valuation. Sometimes you may also use the information of currencies that we provide; it can be useful for people who are looking for trading in currencies.

Forex convertor is necessary because the value of currency constantly fluctuates and has different factors affecting it, to value a nation’s import and export, during war in a particular region, to calculate country’s public debts, to understand regulatory policies of a particular country’s central bank, fluctuation of currency during natural disasters, to understand the political stability of a country, to understand the fluctuation of country’s inflation rates, to do business in the currency of a country. The frequency at which the currency exchange rate is updated differs from software to software but we go for live rates and hence, updating our website with the latest rates.

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