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Currency Trends

Who are We?

Currency trends are forecasted over a period of time to predict the performance of a particular currency against some other currency in a future period of time. The currency trends or FOREX trends are very difficult to predict because like assets if they are prone to fluctuate with changes in interest rates or market performance then it becomes hard to understand the future course of its direction. Exchange rates are determined based on long term movements in the country like purchasing power parity. All that it takes is some news or information to have fluctuations in the currency rate. Here, you will find the most accurate information on the exchange rates. We will also showcase 30 days or 60 days performance of a particular currency against another to highlight how weekly trends sometimes have a long term effect on change of the currency rate.s

With your worries about currency trends will vanish, as you will have a constant look out on the latest currency trends and you can take an informed decision accordingly. The 60-day charts are supposed to describe the trended path of the exchange rate. There is a method that is used to determine to these currency trends known as stepwise aggressive trends. The 30-day trends are based on the exchange rate changes within a tunnel. A tunnel which is a narrow one and a tradeoff between length and width is determined by a strong function. These rates are all based on the interbank exchange rates. It is a rate where the banks trade between each other on buying and selling of the currency. Please use the chart and the table as a guide. We will provide you with latest information on the currency trends with wide array of trends and insights on the changes of the currency rate.

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