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Currency Exchange Rate

Currency Name Currency Code Currency Note Travel Card Wire Transfer
Buy Sell Buy Sell Buy Sell
US Dollar USD 65.75 64.1 65.2 64.75 65.45 65.95 63.9
Euro EUR 77.6 75.1 76.83 76.28 77.08 77.8 74.9
British Pound GBP 87.3 84 85.94 85.29 86.19 87.5 83.8
Canadian Dollar CAD 52.9 51 51.68 51.13 51.93 53.1 50.8
Australian Dollar AUD 51.85 49.3 51.02 50.47 51.27 52.05 49.1
UAE Dirham AED 18.2 17 17.81 17.51 17.86 18.4 16.8
Singapore Dollar SGD 49.15 46.2 47.97 47.52 48.22 49.35 46
Malaysian Ringgit MYR 16.6 14.2 15.45 15.35 15.4 16.8 14
Thai Baht THB 2.07 1.83 1.99 1.91 1.96 2.27 1.63
Indonesian Rupee IDR 2.02 1.82 0.05 NA 0 2.22 1.62
Newzealand Dollar NZD 47.9 44.6 45.47 45.02 45.72 48.1 44.4
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 8.8 7.85 8.44 8.24 8.49 9 7.65
Chinese Yuan CNY 10.4 9.3 9.88 9.78 9.83 10.6 9.1
Japanese Yen JPY 0.71 0.3 0.67 0.47 0.97 0.91 0.1
South Korea Won KRW 0.54 0.48 0.11 0.01 0.06 0.74 0.28

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I had a very good experience while booking forex and travel cards for my holiday, Currencykart team helped me through booking the right amount of cash and currency needed in card for my trip to Europe. The delivery was swift and timely i would recommend it to any one who's looking for Forex.

Komal Narang

With this trouble-free solution, the speed and clarity at which the information is provided is really mind-boggling. Whether it is design of the site or processing of orders, everything is super easy and effective. Summing up, my experience using this site was unimaginabily GREAT!

Abhishek Shukla

Best rates for getting currency when comparing to other places.


Hi! I bought Thai Baht from Currency Kart. Rashmi handled by currency requirements for me. It was such a pleasure dealing with her. She was extremely co-operative and very very patient. I would definitely recommend Currency Kart to everyone out there! These people are very very professional and make everything really smooth for you! :)

Bhavya Badola

I would like to place on record my appreciation for quality forex services provided by Mr. Shubham Aggarwal of Currencykart. I was looking for Forex card and small cash exchange for my son who was travelling to France for his MBA study for a short period. Mr. Shubham Aggarwal not only answered all queries but also gave the best competitive rates at our door step. Their services were prompt, hassle free and inspired all confidence. I strongly recommend Currencykart for all forex needs and wish them very best.

Rajesh Aggarwal

i find u one of the best in terms of customer service , very quick delivery options , guys do go for currency kart for any type of forex work . well done !

vijay bhaskar

I want to put in a word of appreciation for Currency Kart. I just exchanged some currency for my trip to Bali and Singapore and it was a very pleasant ,smooth transaction. First,they were among the few money exchanges i called who were exchanging IDR currency. Secondly, their exchange rates were lower than all competitors i called. Thirdly, their executive was ready to get the currency delivered at my home in Noida. Fourthly, i liked their trust when they agreed to let me transfer the amount through Netbanking,after the deliver boy had arrived at my place with the currency. Hope to hear good things about you from others as well in the years to come !!

Mohit Sehgal

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