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Currency Itinerary for Greece

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe with thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. Influential in ancient times, it's often called the cradle of Western civilization

As per survey done by our expert below is estimated expenses made by traveler on daily basis.

Travel Expence in Greece

 Taxi Expences


 Train Expences

Week Pass  10

Hotel Expence in Greece

5 Star -  80 to  100

4 Star -  60 to  80

3 Star -  40 to  60

Food Expence in Greece

Breakfast Cost -  10

Lunch Cost -  15

Dinner Cost -  20

Greece Attraction

Milos -

Thassos -  300

Icaria -

Serifos -  100

  • Milos - Package tour operators are only now turning their eyes to the volcanic island of Milos, which is connected by air twice daily to Athens. No wonder; Milos boasts no less than seventy-two beaches – some only reachable by small excursion boats – and its western half has been designated a nature reserve.
  • Thassos- This Macedonian jewel was too obvious to miss. Although some package tour operators have already discovered Thassos, the majority of their clients haven’t. With a hotel and flights starting from €300 a week, this verdant island with its combination of fine-sand beaches such as Makríammos and shady pine woods is still an inexpensive destination for families, as much as it is a haven for a variety of bird life.
  • Icaria- This is the island where, according to legend, Icarus crashed after flying too close to the sun. Maybe it is the long ferry rides of old that have put Icaria low on the tourist radar, but that’s all for the better. You are guaranteed affordable luxury in the island’s rented studios and apartments all within pebble-throwing distance of its crystalline waters for only about €40 per person. archipelago.
  • Serifos- The small island of Serifos, only two hours by catamaran from Piraeus, should be at the top of everyone’s list. Boutique hotels in Mykonos would quote €100 for a double room, ask for only €60 on Serifos. At the same time, the quality of the beaches such as Livádi is dizzying. Nearby Psilí Ammos was crowned European Beach of the Year by the Sunday Times in 2003.

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    Activities in Greece

  • This museum has an exhausting collection of art and artifacts from Ancient Greece, the Minoans and some of Ancient Egypt. It’s just €7 – an absolute bargain. Housing some of the most important finds from archaeological sites all over Greece – the mask of Agamemnon, marble statues of Pan and Eros, a bronze statue of Poseidon – you’ll need several hours to see everything.

  • This is the oldest museum in Greece. A former industrial building and family house containing the huge private collection of Antonis Benakis. The café and gift shop are excellent and the museum is easy to navigate, with more than 20,000 items displayed chronologically from prehistoric times to the 19th century. Offbeat exhibits like the evolution of clothing in Greece and the struggle for modern independence are other features that make the Benaki stand out. Tickets are €6.

  • Check out some ancient art at this beautifully displayed museum. The largest collection of Cycladic art (that’s 3000 BC to 2000 BC for all you history buffs) in the world contains everything from fragments of pottery to life-size marble sculptures. Tickets are €7.