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Sending Money Abroad From India Is Now Faster, Safer And Better

The act of transferring funds or in simple terms money from India to abroad or vice-versa is known as Money Transfer. Money Transfer can either be online (electronic) or offline (physical). Money Transfer Services in India are also universally known as International Wire Transfer. Wire Transfer in India (Telegraphic Transfer/SWIFT Transfer) is an electronic mode of money transfer (through SWIFT), with which you can transfer money from your personal Indian Bank account to an overseas bank account in the country or the place where the funds need to be transferred. In order to send money abroad apart from via international wire transfer, there are other facilities as well such as Foreign Currency Demand Draft (FCDD).


There are numerous reasons where you need to send money abroad from India. You can send money to your loved ones, employees abroad, kids, students, friends, suppliers, medical bills, international account, any foreign educational institute, immigration, trips and tours or simply for import and export. With CurrencyKart you can simply send money from India to anywhere and everywhere with 100% guarantee of safety and best exchange rates. With our varied services and offers, you can choose the best way possible for International Money Transfer from India.


With Globalisation at its best, people now-a-days opt for electronic mode of money transfer only. Sending money abroad is convenient, faster and safer. It is also proof ridden and regulated. You can track it and that gives you transparency. It gives you instant confirmation upon successful transaction apart from travel card facility. Let’s see how money transfer works.


Transfer Money from India in Five Easy Steps


  • Instant Quotes: Let CurrencyKart know your requirements and the amount of money need to be transferred and we will get back to you with the best quotes.
  • Order Online: As per your convenience, surf and compare the quotes and select the one best suited for your requirement. You can simply book your order online.
  • Transfer The Actual Funds: Transfer the money needed to be send abroad directly to one of the partnering banks or to the selected currency exchange house.
  • Documentation: Carry all the requisites and important documents in both, original and attested copies and visit the bank or the exchange house.
  • Send Money Abroad At Ease: The partnering institution will transfer the money on the very same day and will provide you a bill as a swift acknowledgement.


Important Information Required for Money Transfer Services in India


In order to transfer money from India to the desired overseas bank, the remitter needs to share the information mentioned below:-


  • Account holder name and complete postal address
  • Account number
  • Bank name, branch name and complete address
  • Institution number
  • SWIFT code/ BIC/ IBAN code
  • Routing number (international)
  • Purpose of transaction with KYC documents
  • Duly signed A2 Form cum declaration


Different Purposes For Money Transfer


There are different purposes for which one needs to send money via wire transfer or money transfer to countries abroad from India. Let's have look at the purposes:


  • Overseas higher education
  • Overseas jobs
  • Emigration fees
  • Visa fees
  • Medical treatments
  • Shopping
  • Care for a friend or a close relative
  • Travelling for official or private purposes etc.


Amount Limit of Money Transfer from India to Overseas


As per the Liberalised Remittance Scheme, there are RBI limits and guidelines for the amount of money transfer one needs to keep a check on! One can transfer up to $250,000 (or its equivalent Indian sum) per year. Also, one can only send and transfer money from India to abroad for the purposes mentioned above (the purposes can be slightly vary from time to time) and as per the limit.


The Total Cost to Transfer Money from India


Whenever you are planning to transfer or send money from India to a country of your choice, keep certain things in mind to calculate the total probable cost of the process. The total cost of money transfer process from India includes three main things:


  • Foreign exchange rates (daily fluctuation or update)
  • The company charges for the money transfer process
  • The receiving bank's charges for the money transfer process


We at CurrencyKart, give you guaranteed best and competitive rates. Also, if by any chance you find a better rate for the money transfer process, we promise you that we will do our best to beat that rate and increase your faith in our services and offers.


Pros & Cons of Using Online Money Transfer Service to Transfer Money


CurrencyKart allows you to send or transfer money online and also book the order for the same online as well. The complete process to book an order online for money transfer takes about 5-10 minutes approximately. Whether you need to send money online from India to abroad for educational purposes or for some medical treatments of close relatives, CurrencyKart will always fit your needs and serve you with complete integrity.


  • Extremely competitive and flexible rates.
  • No hidden or extra charges.
  • CurrencyKart online money transfer process is 100% safe, secure and reliable.
  • It is faster and better. It takes around 12-48 business hours for the funds to reflect in beneficiary’s account.
  • You can access the process online from anywhere, anytime.


Why to Opt For CurrencyKart for Money Transfer Services in India


Apart from security and swift offerings, there are other unavoidable reasons to choose CurrencyKart for sending money abroad! Here’s a quick tour.


  • Trusted institution for international money transfer in India
  • Unbeatable and competitive currency exchange rates
  • No commission charges
  • Comparative study of rates or quotes
  • Transfer in multiple currencies at a single time
  • No fluctuated forex rates
  • Pan India service
  • Zero transfer charges
  • Order at live market rates
  • No hidden charges
  • Direct credit to the beneficiary within 48 hours
  • KYC documents door pick-up facility
  • Discuss with the industry experts for a better understanding


What’s more? We provide each of the services with a wide smile and transparent approach.




What our customers say about us:

    Good service!. Very responsive on chat as well as call. Plus don't need to pay all the money upfront...
    Good service!. Very responsive on chat as well as call. Plus don't need to pay all the money upfront. Just 1% at time of booking. Currency rate can be blocked and receive cash later. Purchased 1000 Euros, all went smoothly. Highly recommend. Delivery person comes to your door for delivery of cash. All in all pretty good experience. Queries were cleared on time.
    Divesh Kumar
    For quick service carry all docs with you. You will get your currency exchange without any delay....
    For quick service carry all docs with you. You will get your currency exchange without any delay.
    Rifat-Arbaaz Sayyad
    Great experience with Currency kart. Got the bet rate and fast delivery at doorstep. Would highly re...
    Great experience with Currency kart. Got the bet rate and fast delivery at doorstep. Would highly recommend as there is no risk as you pay only 1% and rest cash on delivery. Was amazed the way they handled the whole transaction.
    Hitesh Koul
    Extremely dissatisfied with this currency exchange company. I'm from Bangalore. I contacted them to ...
    Extremely dissatisfied with this currency exchange company. I'm from Bangalore. I contacted them to exchange currency for my travel. They told they'll get it done and deliver it as well. I asked for an official mail for the same regarding the exchange rate and taxes, which the executive sent. On the same day, the delivery guy came to deliver the currency and take the INR from me. Turns out, what I received in the mail was nothing what was written in the proper bill. They had increased the amount, and on talking to the executive, they told it was an honest mistake and he'll share another mail. Not just this, CurrencyKart was basically a middleman and the company providing the currency to me was some other company altogether. CurrencyKart was charging commission on the same. I refused to do the transaction and told the CurrencyKart executive that I cannot go ahead. He kept on texting me the entire day telling how I will be punished for doing this, and later on acting like a creepy dude constantly texting even when I wasn't responding. He then himself blocked me and unblocked and started apologising for doing so, even when I wasn't responding and had told him sorry and thank you for the help he had provided right when I'd told him I won't be going ahead. I'm not going to take the executive's name, but I hope the same thing is not repeated with another person in future. Atleast as far as I'm concerned, I'm never ever going to place a request on their website.
    Tanisha Agarwal
    I can not put it into words. I had really small window to avail Korean Currency. Not only they provi...
    I can not put it into words. I had really small window to avail Korean Currency. Not only they provided immediate delivery but also the support provided by them is unmatchable. I was assisted by Poornima. Thanks.
    Pranjali Joshi

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