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Send Money To Canada From India

Whether it be to a close relative abroad, a foreign institute, your account abroad, a medical institution or hospital, book your trip or for immigration, CurrencyKart can help you Transfer Money to Canada. It can either be through Online Money Transfer or Wire Transfer. Once you fill in the details of the money transfer on our website, our team would find you the best quotes from different agents and institutions near you. They would be guiding and helping you through each step of the transfer. The credit to your beneficiary account would be made in less than 48 working hours.


There are two types of Remittance: (another name for sending money to someone through a bank, money changing houses or institutions like CurrencyKart):


  1. Outward Remittance: When you transfer money from your country to a foreign country. For Example, when you Send Money from India to Canada.


  2. Inward Remittance: When you send money to your country from a foreign country. For Example, when you Send money from Canada to India.


CurrencyKart offers two modes/ways for Outward Remittance from India to Canada:


  1. Wire Transfer from India to Canada


    It is an electronic mode of a fund/money transfer. It is also called TT Transfer and SWIFT Transfer. The Wire Transfer to Canada are highly expensive if done through banks in India as they charge fees to process it and most of the foreign banks receiving it also charges a foreign correspondent fee. CurrencyKart does not charge anything for the Wire Transfer Service.


  2. Foreign Currency Demand Draft


    Demand Drafts are physical on paper drafts which are issued in a specific foreign currency. It is another option to make international money transfer for educational payments, medical fees, etc. They are a safe option as it is made for favouring the beneficiary. It is also cheaper than wire transfers but the process takes longer time.


What are the Steps to Transfer Money from India to Canada?


There are only four simple steps to Send Money to Canada:


  • Step 1: Register Online


    Fill in the required details on the portal available on our website. You have to enter the amount to be transferred in Canadian Dollars with the purpose of remittance and your location. Instant quotes from banks and exchange institutions nearby would be mailed to you.


  • Step 2: Compare and Book


    Compare the quotations provided to you and choose the best offer. Once you book the money transfer order online and confirm it, the booked rate would be valid for 24 hours.


  • Step 3: Verification


    Share the required documents for verification. The list of basic documents to be submitted is given below. Once the documents are verified, the amount can be transferred directly as NEFT or RTGS to the current account which is operated by the chosen exchange house.


  • Step 4: Transfer


    The money order transfer would be initiated as soon as the amount will be credited. The whole process would take less than 48 working hours. It is advised to the customer to take a print out of the invoice or keep the invoice safely as a proof of money transfer.



Please note that according to RBI, a person can do a Wire Transfer from India to Canada or send a demand draft of the amount value $2, 50, 000 or its equivalent per year per person.


What are the Main Purposes to Send Money to Canada from India?


The main purposes to transfer money to Canada from India are: -


  • To Pay Canada’s University/college fees.
  • For Indian student’s living expenses in Canada.
  • To gift money to a Canadian resident.
  • For Emigration or VISA fees.
  • For support to close relatives in Canada.
  • For Medical expenditure in Canada.
  • From tour operators to overseas agents and hotels.
  • To pay the fee for participating in conference/training.
  • For private visits abroad.
  • For travelling abroad on employment.


Documents Required to Transfer Money to Canada from India:


Here is a list of documents that can be required for verification and money transfer. The documents depend on the purpose of remittance.


  1. Photo ID proof of the sender (the ID proof must be issued by the Government, such as Passport, Voter’s ID, Aadhar Card, etc.)
  2. Photocopy of the sender’s PAN Card.
  3. Purpose proof with the amount to be transferred and account details stated.
  4. Beneficiary’s passport copy.
  5. Valid VISA.
  6. Filled A2 Form cum declaration


The Beneficiary details to be shared are: -


  1. Bank name and address of the beneficiary.
  2. Beneficiary’s name and address (as given in the bank).
  3. Beneficiary’s SWIFT code, routing number and Account number.
  4. Sender’s name and account number.
  5. The purpose of transaction with KYC (Know Your Customer).


CurrencyKart is one of the leading institutes in Foreign Exchange Market Place. We provide the cheapest ways to Send Money Online to Canada from India. The customers can gain many benefits by making the Money Transfer to Canada via CurrencyKart: -


  1. Live Market Rates


    The live and updated market transfer rates are available on our website 24*7. There is an option available for the customer to lock-in rates for up to 3 days and as soon as the desired rates are available, we will notify you. The rate chosen for the transaction remains live for the next 24-48 hours till the transfer process is completed.


  2. Faster Transfer Process


    The money transfer orders are processed within 24-48 working hours after the funds and documents are received. We provide the fastest processing time with no extra cost.


  3. Doorstep Service Available


    CurrencyKart provides the customer with the option of booking the money transfer order online. The customer can schedule the time for the document pick up and we will pick them up from your location at zero cost or they can visit the branch of the institution chosen to submit the documents.


  4. Zero Money Transfer Charges/Commission


    We do not charge any extra cost or fee for processing the money transfer. Please make note that all foreign currency transactions are subjected to service tax according to the Government and RBI policies.



Book your order online now at CurrencyKart.




What our customers say about us:

    Good service!. Very responsive on chat as well as call. Plus don't need to pay all the money upfront...
    Good service!. Very responsive on chat as well as call. Plus don't need to pay all the money upfront. Just 1% at time of booking. Currency rate can be blocked and receive cash later. Purchased 1000 Euros, all went smoothly. Highly recommend. Delivery person comes to your door for delivery of cash. All in all pretty good experience. Queries were cleared on time.
    Divesh Kumar
    Great experience with Currency kart. Got the bet rate and fast delivery at doorstep. Would highly re...
    Great experience with Currency kart. Got the bet rate and fast delivery at doorstep. Would highly recommend as there is no risk as you pay only 1% and rest cash on delivery. Was amazed the way they handled the whole transaction.
    Hitesh Koul
    Extremely dissatisfied with this currency exchange company. I'm from Bangalore. I contacted them to ...
    Extremely dissatisfied with this currency exchange company. I'm from Bangalore. I contacted them to exchange currency for my travel. They told they'll get it done and deliver it as well. I asked for an official mail for the same regarding the exchange rate and taxes, which the executive sent. On the same day, the delivery guy came to deliver the currency and take the INR from me. Turns out, what I received in the mail was nothing what was written in the proper bill. They had increased the amount, and on talking to the executive, they told it was an honest mistake and he'll share another mail. Not just this, CurrencyKart was basically a middleman and the company providing the currency to me was some other company altogether. CurrencyKart was charging commission on the same. I refused to do the transaction and told the CurrencyKart executive that I cannot go ahead. He kept on texting me the entire day telling how I will be punished for doing this, and later on acting like a creepy dude constantly texting even when I wasn't responding. He then himself blocked me and unblocked and started apologising for doing so, even when I wasn't responding and had told him sorry and thank you for the help he had provided right when I'd told him I won't be going ahead. I'm not going to take the executive's name, but I hope the same thing is not repeated with another person in future. Atleast as far as I'm concerned, I'm never ever going to place a request on their website.
    Tanisha Agarwal
    I can not put it into words. I had really small window to avail Korean Currency. Not only they provi...
    I can not put it into words. I had really small window to avail Korean Currency. Not only they provided immediate delivery but also the support provided by them is unmatchable. I was assisted by Poornima. Thanks.
    Pranjali Joshi
    Fast, efficient, easy to use and best exchange rate. Great experience with CurrencyKart. I would rec...
    Fast, efficient, easy to use and best exchange rate. Great experience with CurrencyKart. I would recommend CurrencyKart as my experience with them was brilliant... My transactions went perfect... My phone calls were answered promptly and they kept in touch throughout any necessary work I needed done efficiently. Thank you for all your good services.
    Ajay Kumar Sharma

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