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Travel Insurance: All You Need to Know!

“Take only memories. Leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle


Travelling helps you to evolve as a person while giving you an endless source of memories. Along with the memories, travelling comes along with lots of barriers but with the right kind of Travel Insurance, you can travel secure and hassle-free. If you are travel junkie and likes to travel abroad apart from India as well, you just need the right kind of International Travel Insurance to get safe coverage from all the possible risks of travelling. International Travel Insurance protects you and your family from unforeseen circumstances in a different country with different procedures. Whether you are taking a business trip or a leisure trip, buying a travel insurance plan never leaves you in a mess. Also, buying a travel insurance plan online in India is as easy as you travel. It is convenient, safe and protects you from all possible losses.


Single Trip Plan: It is perfectly apt for one-time travellers. This particular travel insurance plan is valid for 180 days and if required can be extended post an application to the insurer. So, planning to visit any other country soon? Don’t forget to buy travel insurance online.


Annual Multi-trip Plan: Are you a frequent business traveller or a globetrotter? This particular travel insurance plan is best for you. It is valid for as many trips you make during a year and each one lasts for 30-45 days. You can select the coverage amount and the type of plan according to your needs and preference.


As per your needs and other requirements, travel insurance plans can range from Domestic to Medical, International, Student, Group, Senior Citizen to Family or Corporate Travel Insurance Plans.


Why Do You Buy International Travel Insurance Online


If you are in double-minds before buying a travel insurance plan then here are some good-to-go reasons to help you avoid any confusion regarding the same.


  • A travel insurance plan covers you against all possible health emergencies and medical expenses. It also includes outpatient care, personal accidents and medical evacuation.
  • Travel insurance covers you against trip or flight cancellations, trip or flight delays and even in case you miss your connecting flights.
  • Baggage loss or delay or any other unwanted circumstances get covered in the travel insurance plan.
  • It gives coverage to your entire family.
  • An additional benefit of an International Travel Insurance plan includes coverage against loss of passport and personal liability like a cover injury to a third party or a close family member or a relative. It also provides emergency cash advances and assistance.


In some countries, travelling with an International Travel Insurance plan is mandatory. So, you can just buy a travel insurance plan, sit back, relax and enjoy some quality time with oneself or the entire family.


Key Features of the Best Travel Insurance Plans in India


More or less, all types of travel insurance plans consist of certain features. Only in some cases, the offers and services can vary a little according to the institution. Let’s have a quick look.


  • Travel Insurance plans offer medical expenses.
  • It offers coverage in case you have cancelled or shortened a trip for a valid reason while saving you a lot of money.
  • If you accidentally damage someone else’s property or are liable for physical injuries to a third party during your trip, it provides coverage against the same as well.
  • Loss of passport or replacing the original passport if lost during the travel trip gets covered under the travel insurance plan.
  • The travel insurance plan offers coverage against any unfortunate loss or medical emergency during an act of terrorism while you are travelling to foreign countries.


Inclusions and Exclusions in a Travel Insurance Plan


For all travel insurance plans, it is not necessary that everything and anything will be covered under the plan. As per different plans, the inclusions and exclusions vary in a travel insurance plan. Let's have a look at the common inclusions and exclusions under an International Travel Insurance Plan.


List of Inclusions:


  • Trip delays
  • Missed connecting flight
  • Medical evacuation
  • Medical charges
  • Repatriation of the mortal human remains
  • Emergency medical bills or expenses
  • Hospital cash
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Permanent total disablement benefit
  • Baggage loss or theft
  • Loss of personal and important documents
  • Delay/ loss of baggage at the airports
  • Personal liability benefit for the third party
  • Contingency travel benefit
  • Hijack distress or terrorist attack loss allowance
  • Assistance in financial emergency
  • Catastrophe and political risk and evacuation
  • Return of minor child
  • Compassionate family visit


List of Exclusions:


  • Expenses due to alcohol, drugs or liquor
  • Transport modes missed due to local mishappenings
  • Pre-existing health conditions leading to hospitalisation
  • Baggage delay that is less than 24 hours
  • Cosmetic/Ayurveda/Homeopathic/Spa treatments
  • Suicide or travelling against any medical advice from the health experts
  • Damage or loss of personal keys


Comparing Travel Insurance Plans?


Key Things To Consider You Jump On To Any Conclusion


A Travel Insurance Plan should make your travel hassle-free and care-free. And for that you have to compare for following few things:-


  • The Duration of your Trip: Check for how many days the plan will cover for your trip.
  • Coverage Levels: Check carefully how and what purposes the plan will be serving for you.
  • Medical Conditions: Check if they are providing coverage against pre-existing health conditions.
  • Adventurous Holiday Trip: Make sure you are getting covered for the sports and adventurous activities to satiate your adrenaline-junkie soul.
  • Loss and Theft of Personal Belongings: You should definitely check for this if you are negligent and forgetful as most institutions provide cover only for theft or accidental loss of cash.
  • Missed Flights or Cancelled Flights: In both the situation, the consequences are highly unlikely. Check for this and then book your travel insurance online.
  • Additional Benefits and Exclusions: Your requirements may be different from others so it is necessary to check for the additional benefits and the list of exclusions under the travel insurance plan you are hoping to buy.


Documentation Required to Buy International Travel Insurance


There are different documents required for buying a travel insurance plan online. Some general documents required are as mentioned below:-


  • Travel dates
  • Copy of tickets
  • Identity card
  • Proof of age
  • Address proof
  • Bank details


Other documents like Travel insurance claims form and Copy of Policy and policy number are required during the claim. Also, different situations require different documents to claim travel insurance coverage. Check with your institution at the time of claiming the same.


Why to Buy Travel Insurance Plan Online on CurrencyKart


Amidst all hue and cry in the market, CurrencyKart provides you with a faster, safer, personalised and credible online platform to compare all kinds of travel insurance plans and the respective quotes as offered by the leading banks and insurance institutions in the country. We also provide you with the best of expert advice and assistance whenever and wherever needed.


  • With CurrencyKart, you can compare travel insurance plans at ease
  • Stay updated and informed by availing the leading quotes for travel insurance plans online
  • Avoid untimely happenings and confusions
  • Figure out the best travel insurance plan for your requirement
  • Check out all the offers and benefits side by side
  • Choose, select, order and buy travel insurance plan online hassle-free and quickly
  • We offer you a 100% guarantee of safety and security


Your time and life are precious and we at CurrencyKart understand the same. Our travel insurance plans are carefully designed to save your hard-earned money and time while giving some peace of mind.


So, what are you waiting for? Make your plans, create your list of travel destinations and get ready to fly!

What our customers say about us:

    Good service!. Very responsive on chat as well as call. Plus don't need to pay all the money upfront...
    Good service!. Very responsive on chat as well as call. Plus don't need to pay all the money upfront. Just 1% at time of booking. Currency rate can be blocked and receive cash later. Purchased 1000 Euros, all went smoothly. Highly recommend. Delivery person comes to your door for delivery of cash. All in all pretty good experience. Queries were cleared on time.
    Divesh Kumar
    For quick service carry all docs with you. You will get your currency exchange without any delay....
    For quick service carry all docs with you. You will get your currency exchange without any delay.
    Rifat-Arbaaz Sayyad
    Great experience with Currency kart. Got the bet rate and fast delivery at doorstep. Would highly re...
    Great experience with Currency kart. Got the bet rate and fast delivery at doorstep. Would highly recommend as there is no risk as you pay only 1% and rest cash on delivery. Was amazed the way they handled the whole transaction.
    Hitesh Koul
    Extremely dissatisfied with this currency exchange company. I'm from Bangalore. I contacted them to ...
    Extremely dissatisfied with this currency exchange company. I'm from Bangalore. I contacted them to exchange currency for my travel. They told they'll get it done and deliver it as well. I asked for an official mail for the same regarding the exchange rate and taxes, which the executive sent. On the same day, the delivery guy came to deliver the currency and take the INR from me. Turns out, what I received in the mail was nothing what was written in the proper bill. They had increased the amount, and on talking to the executive, they told it was an honest mistake and he'll share another mail. Not just this, CurrencyKart was basically a middleman and the company providing the currency to me was some other company altogether. CurrencyKart was charging commission on the same. I refused to do the transaction and told the CurrencyKart executive that I cannot go ahead. He kept on texting me the entire day telling how I will be punished for doing this, and later on acting like a creepy dude constantly texting even when I wasn't responding. He then himself blocked me and unblocked and started apologising for doing so, even when I wasn't responding and had told him sorry and thank you for the help he had provided right when I'd told him I won't be going ahead. I'm not going to take the executive's name, but I hope the same thing is not repeated with another person in future. Atleast as far as I'm concerned, I'm never ever going to place a request on their website.
    Tanisha Agarwal
    I can not put it into words. I had really small window to avail Korean Currency. Not only they provi...
    I can not put it into words. I had really small window to avail Korean Currency. Not only they provided immediate delivery but also the support provided by them is unmatchable. I was assisted by Poornima. Thanks.
    Pranjali Joshi

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